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Crochet Patterns of Crazy Socks

Crazy socks can also be called happy socks by many people. They are these socks that do have different and unique patterns and more than one color. These design is what makes them stand out from the other socks types. Reaserch has been able to prove that crazy socks do have a psychological effect on human being because of the unique patterns and colors that the socks have. This has made it to have am mass production for the past thirty years. Crazy socks will also contribute so much in telling about the personality of that person. This is also determined by the color and patterns of the socks that they wear or love. The most common crazy socks are the crochet crazy socks that are done by people whom love to do crochet and knitting. Some of the crazy crochet pattern ideas that are in the market today are as follows.

The first and most common pattern is the basic toe-up free pattern. This pattern was introduced to the world by Nicole Cormier as a great starting point for beginners in crochet patterns. To be able to bring out the design in this pattern, you should use as many colors as possible. This is done by basically knotting and crocheting using a single color at first then move to another color in a uniform pattern. It will come out as linier color of patterns when you finish it. You should just consider using brighter or happier colors to make it more attractive to the eye.

Another one is step by step free crochet pattern. This is a detailed crocheting pattern that is done by using fingering weight yarn and a size D hook of crocheting. They are mainly done using the two primary crochet patterns that are very simple. The single crochet and double crochet which goes along with the slightly more complex front post of double crochet stitch are some of the examples. You can also get to use the shell stitch as an alternative. This gives the socks a crazy pattern that is made by using two complimenting colors.

Cabled crochet free pattern is a crazy sock pattern idea. It is done by incorporating crochet cables hence making it a very good idea for those people who love knitting but love crochet. This is done by fingering weight yarn and a size B crochet hook. This gives the socks a much warmer look and a traditional touch. This is very good in the making of winter and sleeping socks. They are available in a range of two or more colors depending on what you want. In addition it also gives the socks a very unique and smooth texture.

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